About me…

…and Dogs

I grew up in a small town near Toronto and spent 22 years of my adult life in Northern California. Now I’m happy to call Saratoga Springs, NY my home. I spent the majority of my life as an athlete- soccer, cycling, rowing in University and later ultra-running. As a cyclist I competed on the European road cycling circuit and lived part time in France. Later my husband John and I started a Bike Touring business in the Northern California wine country. Shortly after we opened our Bicycle Touring Center I began racing Ultra Running marathons and competed in events anywhere from marathon distance to 350 km events.

In California we had four dogs- two of which were born deaf and we also fostered a lot too. I’ve cared for many rescued dogs with various behavioral sensitivities. We always had plenty of outdoor adventures which was a way of life for us. Currently I have two rescues- one is a male American Bully born deaf and a female American Staffordshire Terrier/mix that spent two years in an overcrowded shelter. As well, I’ve had my own animal care business in which I’ve cared for dogs from 10-130lbs and a wide variety of breeds. Dogs have been an integral part of my life for over 20 years. I never intended to pursue a career in dog training but then through formal education I discovered a a new way for me to help dogs and the people who care for them.

For dogs and people to navigate what has become a confusing time in history, is no easy task. The dog training world is experiencing a revolutionary upheaval concerning animal welfare which many people are unaware. The idea of training obedience and applying “quick fixes” to problems that are largely misunderstood only sets the dogs up to fail and the behaviors become more severe. Focusing on ways to create better relationships with our dogs will instill trust in the relationship and the ultimate goal of harmony.