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Breeders, shelters, World Dogs-The genetic Pool

I live in upstate New York and most of the dogs in this particular area are breed specific (mainly labradoodles, labs/retrievers, poodles, bully breeds) and many people seem to acquire their dogs from online breeders. There are many east coast Commercial Breeding Operations (aka. Puppy Mills) that supply consumers to the area of Upstate New […]

The Human/Dog Relationship in the Modern World

The dogs we live with today are so far removed from the wolf species physically and behaviorally that there is very little in common between the two. Dogs began forming relationships with people many thousands of years ago, as they began to live closer to villages and settlements, and scavenge the garbage that humans discarded.  […]

First Chance

I was pulled over in the sketchy parking lot of an East Oakland convenience store desperately trying to figure out why Google had me led me there. Trucks roared on the overpass above me, and the dog in the crate on passengers seat was barking deafeningly- as she hurled herself against the crate door trying […]